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The Adventures of Flash & Storm

The story is about love and friendship between a sighthound named Flash and a puppy named Storm. They met one day when Flash stumbled upon Storm, who was lost, and Flash helped guide Storm back to his family. From that day on, the two became inseparable and would spend their days playing and exploring the fields together.
Flash grew old as the years passed, but his spirit and love remained big and bold. The story goes on, with more adventures waiting for Storm in the future.

Once upon a time, in a field of green,
There lived a dog, oh so keen.
His name was Flash, a sighthound he,
With legs so long, he could reach up to a tree!

He loved to play and run all day,
Chasing squirrels in his special way.
But one day, he met a furry friend,
A lost puppy, on whom he would always defend.

Flash took the puppy by the paw
and guided him home without a flaw.
The family was so grateful; they even cheered,
“Our Storm is home!” the son declared.

From that day on, Flash and Storm played,
together every day, their friendship never frayed.
Flash would show his speed and skill,
Flash and Storm could not keep still.
With tails wagging and tongues out wide,
They’ll chase the sun and run with pride.
They’ll leap and bound with joy and glee,
Their friendship was strong, wild and free.

Together they roamed through fields and streams,
Chasing butterflies and having dreams.
With Flash as a guide and Storm so bold,
Their adventures never did grow old.
They laughed and played into the night,
Then cuddled close and dreamed of flight.
And when the sun came up once more,
They started a new day to continue play.

Together they roamed through fields so bright,
Chasing squirrels, birds and foxes running out of sight.

With tails wagging, they’d never tire,
Their bond grew stronger with each desire.
And when it’s time for a game to play,
They’d race and chase each other all day.
With barks and growls, they’d have such fun,
Their friendship, always, would never be done.

The next day it rained, and storms did pour,
They snuggled close, friends evermore.
With wagging tongues, they’d grin with glee,
And laugh at the rain, as carefree as can be.

So if you see them out and about,
With tails that wag, without a doubt,
Just stop and say hello, give them a pat,
And join in their laughter; it’s where it’s at.
And when it’s time for a nap, no fear,
Together they’d snooze, oh so near.
With paws entwined, they’d dream so sweet,
Of all their adventures, they’re sure to meet.

As years went by and Flash grew old,
His spirit and love were big and bold.
And Storm, the pup, now fully grown,
remembers their friendship all on her own.

For many moons, they roamed the land,
Happy memories for Storm are still at hand.
So even now, they’re still going strong,
Their bond will last forever long.

So if you see a sighthound and pup,
Their bond is real; it’s more than enough.
And if you see a sighthound on the run,
remember that Flash was so much fun,
He was a friend to all, with jokes to spare,
That’s why sighthounds are the best,
we do declare!

This tale goes on, so have no fear,
Storms adventures will soon be here!