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Black Bull Lurcher Wearing Laying down in the sun looking directly at you.
Board – Walks – Training



  • Daily Command & Reward Training Walks up to 4-hours
  • Kibble/Tinned food provided, Raw food diet optional
  • Private home Board, not an outside kennel
  • 350ft of private, secure garden
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*From £72 per night

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Daycare – Walks – Training


Up to 7-hours

  • Up to 4-hour walks with basic command & reward training
  • Training includes Recall, Stay/Wait, Heel on and off leash
  • 350ft of secure, private  garden
  • Collection & drop off
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*From £67 per day

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Don Jordan Founder of K9 Exclusive Walks
Training Videos

Leash Control

Off Leash Heal

“Sit” to Wait!

The “Leave” Command

How to Deal with Your Reactive Dog

Leave or Drop

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