Sighthound Specialist

Online Training


1x 1-hour Session
My Online Consultation is a, motivating private session to lead you in the right direction to achieve your training goals,
strengthening the relationship between you and your Dog.

Issues Covered From:
Fear of Other Dogs, People or Objects
Off-Leash and On-Leash Heal
Stay, Wait, Sit & Down
E-collar training
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*From £50

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Afghan Hound running through snow covered field
Advanced Vitality Program


  • 10x 4-hour sessions
  • 20x 4-hour sessions £200 saving
  • Sessions include Walks + Training 
  • Collection & delivery
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Weekday sessions only.
*From £600

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Brown and White Lurcher laying on her bed looking at the camera with a bone.



  • Daily Command & Reward Training Walks up to 4-hours
  • Private home Board, not an outside kennel
  • 250ft of private, secure garden
  • Collection & delivery
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*From £65 per day
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Cream and white Sighthound puppy sitting in a summer field.
One-To-One Training


  • 4x 2-hour sessions
  • Positive reinforcement training methods used
  • 1-hour walk with real-life distraction training
  • 1-hour of focused one-to-one training, inc breaks
  • Collection & delivery

Note: Between December 1st 2021 & 2nd Jan 2022 = we are closed

Weekend sessions only.
*From £600
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