Fire and Extreme Weather Emergency Plan

Emergency Contact Numbers

 Emergency Contact Client’s Details – password-protected area.

Police – Fire brigade dial: 999
Brent Dog Warden dial: 0208 937 5252
Village Vets 24hr dial: 020 7794 4948
Gary Mills dial: 07825619441
Don Jordan dial: 07970287502


  • Evacuation: a. Establish clear and accessible evacuation routes from every room in the home. b. Practice regular fire drills with all family/Staff members and dogs to ensure everyone knows what to do in case of fire. c. Designate a safe meeting place outside the home. d. Keep a leash for each dog in a readily accessible location. e. Have a plan in place for the safe evacuation of each dog.
  • Emergency Response Team: a. Assign one or more family/staff members to be responsible for responding in case of emergencies. b. Train the designated family/staff members on the proper use of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. c. Keep necessary emergency supplies and equipment readily accessible.
  • Communication: a. Establish a clear system for communicating with all family/staff members during emergencies. b. Provide all family/staff members with contact information for emergency services. c. Make sure everyone knows how to report emergencies.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: a. Regularly inspect and maintain heating and cooling systems to minimize the risk of breakdowns. b. Have a backup plan in place to provide heat and cooling in case of a system failure. c. Make sure all family/staff members know how to safely shut down heating and cooling systems in case of emergency.
  • Record Keeping: a. Keep records of all fire drills and emergency response training. b. Document any incidents that occur and the steps taken to respond to them.
  • Review and Update: a. Review the emergency plan regularly and update it as necessary. b. Make changes to the plan based on lessons learned from fire drills and real-life incidents.

Abnormal Weather


Anything above 20c can cause dogs to become dehydrated and very hot very quickly and only a maximum of 45min leach walks should be undertaken!

Anything above 24c is dangerous for all dogs and must be kept in the shade!

  • K9 Exclusive Walks will not engage in any OFF LEASH outside activity in temperatures exceeding 20c and over.
  • K9 Exclusive Walks will not engage in ANY outside activity in temperatures exceeding 24c and over.
  • Where applicable, during the hot summer months, take dogs out between 6am & 8am or after 8pm when temperatures cool down.
  • Offer the dogs plenty of fresh water and choose shaded areas if you can.
  • Walking on hot surfaces will cause severe burns to the sensitive skin on the pads of dogs paws. Note: If it is too hot for your bare feet to walk on the pavement? it is far too hot for a dog on that surface.
  • Fans, fresh cold water and shaded areas must be provided during hot weather.


  • at 45°F (7°Cand below, most dogs will dogs will start to become uncomfortable
  • at 32°F (0°C) and below, K9 Exclusive Walks recommends a max of 1 hour outside activity with suitable clothing worn.
  • at 20°F (-7°C) and below, dogs become vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite, K9 Exclusive Walks will not engage in any outside activity.

Extreme Wind & Rain

  • K9 Exclusive Walks will not engage in any outside activity.

Emergency Measures

Should the premises become uninhabitable the first port of call is to contact the client to re-home their dog/dogs, failing this contact the designated veterinary service.

The Client contact list can be accessed here 

Password submitted upon request +44 7970 287502 or +44 7825 619441