Sighthound Care Program

Indoor Enrichment:

  1. Training: Regular training sessions to encourage mental and physical exercise. This includes Recall, obedience training, on and off leash heal training.
  2. Socialization: Encourage socialization with other dogs through supervised playdates and group training sessions.
  3. Rest and Relaxation: We provide a comfortable, secure, quiet, calm environment for the dogs to rest and relax in.
  4. All dogs sleep together as a pack, but adequate space is provided for individual dogs that choose sleep on their own.
  5. All necessary inside areas are monitored by CCTV

Outdoor Enrichment:

  1. Walks outside the home environment or garden: Regular walks to provide physical exercise and stimulation for the dogs. Walks are varied in location and length to keep the dogs interested and engaged.
  2. Playtime: Provide playtime in a secure and safe outdoor area. This can include games such as fetch and tug of war.
  3. Sensory exploration: Provide opportunities for the dogs to explore and engage with their environment through tracking through some of Londons open green spaces.
  4.  K9exclusive walks will Let a dog off the lead only if they are happy with your dogs recall
  5. Your dog/dogs may choose socialise with another dog other than those from its household, the K9 handler will always try to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of your dog.
  6. Our K9 handler cannot be responsible for a dog outside of his/her pack invading their space, but all reasonable efforts will be made to control the situation.

It is important for K9 Exclusive Walks to monitor the dogs’ behaviour and adjust the program as needed to ensure that their physical and mental needs are being met. Regular evaluations are conducted to assess the success of the program and make any necessary changes.

The goal of our Sighthound Care Program is to provide a safe, enriching and fun environment for sighthounds to thrive in. By providing a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, we aim to keep the dogs physically fit, mentally stimulated and socially engaged.

K9 Exclusive Walks Weight Gain/loss Chart

To be updated at the start of board and at weekly intervals to ensure the dog is maintaining or meeting its goal weight.

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